Canno: The Sleepless Vigil

“You are not the hero.  Tens of millions of people on this planet surpass you in every art of arms and spellcraft at this exact moment. Destiny will not assure your victory. No god’s merciful hand will raise you up from your mistakes. Your bedmates will not be long-lost royalty, but the reek of iron, […]

Canno: The Grast

(Author’s Note, 5/3/2021: here’s another old article refurbished to bring it in line with the rebooted lore of the Expurgated Edition! Lots of very tasty additions mean 3400 new words atop the updates to the old version’s 2500, putting our new total at almost 6k words!) (Cw: caste system, eugenics The Grast are a human […]