The Riven Dreams of a Crazed Web-Writer, #6

Hello Blog faithful! Project Skybleeder is consuming all my creative energy right now, so to keep things rolling on the blog in the meantime, here’s another dream from my archives. Enjoy! (From January 19, 2018) The first dream of the night transpired amidst the glowering-grey buildings of a deserted cityscape. After traveling downhill into the […]

Regarding Canno: The Loar War

(The previous entry, concerning Canno’s geography and pre-Loar history, is┬áHere) They plummeted in columnar fire to close the Age of Splendor. The Gaunt Ones: strained beings of eight foot stature, bearing weapons and armor unlike anything known on Canno. Their limbs were long, their bodies stark white exoskeletons beneath hard-angle armor of unearthly metals. They […]

Regarding Canno: Canno and the Age of Splendor

Canno is an old, tottering world, its people haunted by past glories, afraid to look to the future where they might see the return of past terrors. Its myriad peoples include the two-legged Ilbaret, dignified apes gone fully upright with their elaborate tribal-painted fur and bright robes, and humans, who of all living beings tend […]