Expurgated Editions: Final Pilot Story

“The radiant current, creations yet uncreated? You feel it?” Azru asked once, as she rested her hand on the child’s head while they looked out upon a foggy morn. A cool wind coursed over the bogs and tousled their hair. “That is magic, my dear one. You have the Gift.

The Necromancer and the Reaping Spear: Chapter Six Final

Hello, readers mine. I’m feeling a bit better today. A fortunate change, for it’s today I’ve chosen as the day I’ll throw together some cover art for this leviathan of a book. It’s already formatted for Smashwords, so I hope to have it finished out and submitted to the self-publishing process by the end of […]


–DATA EXPURGATED– –Incoming Transmission: Lambent Halcyon –Lambent, Phasewhisper acknowledges. Odd way to start. You want me to understand something? –On the contrary, my young comrade, I am curious as to your thoughts. –Well… I suppose I’m glad to know the Prophet always cared about martial truth. So much of their identity seems to have been […]