High Fantasy Knights: Reviving the Classic

The year is 2020. Runaway corporate avarice is consuming Earth’s natural resources to the point of unsustainability, and not a single imposing dystopian metropolis has been built in the process. With each day, society’s rancid husk sags further upon its shattered metaphorical ribs, soon to collapse entirely. In a disappointingly functional, non-cyberpunk apartment rented at […]

CWWR: Your Armies of Light are Thoroughly Uninspiring, Part One

The Dark Lord’s sprawling armies mass upon the Genrican Plain beneath darkening skies. With this final offensive, all the lands shall be covered in shadow and blah, blah, blah, you know how this spiel runs already. The Dark Lord’s emissaries, beings of woven shadow wielding swords that reflect naught of the sun’s sickening rays, march […]