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The page for any and all novels I’ve finished which are available to buy at this exact moment, as well as the places where you may presently do so!


The Necromancer and the Revenant: Resurrected Edition–a high fantasy revenge novel of 231,000 words. Targeted exclusively at an adult audience as much due to its psychological elements as its ultraviolence and erotica. The first of four books in The Necromancer’s Vengeance series.


“The Necromancer and the Revenant: Resurrected Edition is an adult high fantasy revenge novel for fans of explosive yet in-depth magic, violent horror, intense psychological story telling, and anyone over the age of 18 who loves to see conventional villains recast as unconventional heroes. The Resurrected Edition contains a plethora of new content from characters to scenes, for a net increase of 60,000 words. Many existing scenes and character arcs have been rewritten or replaced altogether, adding tens of thousands of words in new content which the word count alone cannot convey.

Divari Sidra, Crown Princess of Tresamer, dreams of being a heroine. Despite her upbringing as a woman in the staunchly-patriarchal Tresar culture, she believes that her courage, her ingenuity, and her burgeoning skills as a mage will propel her to greatness. Or, at least, this was what she believed before her father, King Chelar Sidra, ordered her to lead a simple mission: to retrieve a small bundle of golden silk from the site of a battlefield.

After a long search through mangled corpses, the princess finds what she seeks. So too do she, and her appointed guards, find a remorseless foe that they do not expect–a bloodthirsty ghost who shortly butchers Divari’s companions and forces the princess into a desperate flight northward. There, she hopes to deliver a warning to a necromancer: that her family’s bitterest nemesis has set one last plot in motion.

The Tresar maiden’s prospective ally, however, terrifies her little less than the Revenant she flees from…

Gratai Lin has what she believes wants from life: a fully-furnished cavern, a full staff of well-trained servants, and an ever-growing horde of undead. Far below in a secure vault she conceals her mythic reaping spear, the peerless Skybleeder: weapon of her ancestor, the Inferno Matriarch Ten-zai herself. An accomplished north Ton warrior and perfectionist necromancer, well settled into a life built solely through her own merit, Gratai sees no need for the world outside Pinebell.

She repeated this litany each day for long years. Yet now Gratai receives a surprising letter from the south, and throws herself into preparing her remote cavern for a party–one, it seems, her estranged mother will be attending. For Gratai Lin, as much as she might hate the truth, is a princess in her own right. She is the firstborn daughter of Mou-chirin, the Manifest Gauntlet, Matriarch of all House Lin.

Now her mother writes that the time has come for her to take up her birthright–soon to lead the fearsome War-Matrons of their house in war and peace alike.

The battles to come will force Gratai and Divari to reconcile their clashing views: of magic, of heroism, and of themselves as women. If they do not, they and the companions who join them will surely perish. For soon, they must match wits with the most powerful force of mage-hunters ever assembled: the unstoppable Inquisitors of the Sleepless Vigil.

Yet even the dreaded black robes cannot match the bloodied nightmare who awaits come the journey’s end. The last, cruelest tyrant of an ancient bloodline, most implacable of all House Lin’s enemies, her hatred now turns on the people of Tresamer as well. She is the wielder of the reaping spear called Cadent Crucible. She is the Red Blossom at Repose. And indeed, she is the merciless Revenant birthed in rending vengeance by her army’s oblivion on the banks of the Soloven river, the immortal slayer who hunts Divari and Gratai alike: Mei-la Sairo.”

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