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The page for any and all novels I’ve finished which are available to buy at this exact moment, as well as the places where you can presently do so!


The Necromancer and the Revenant: a high fantasy revenge novel of 168,000 words. First of four books in The Necromancer’s Vengeance series. Targeted at an adult audience for psychological and cultural themes, extensive use of subtext, emphasis on in-depth coherent worldbuilding and avoiding or deconstructing many genre staples and contrivances, basis in hard sciences and historical research, intricate prose. Includes intense violence and adults-only sexual content.


“The Necromancer and the Revenant is an adult high fantasy revenge novel for fans of ludicrous magic, violent horror, intense psychological story telling, and anyone over the age of 18 who’s ever thought that maybe, just maybe, the villain might make a better protagonist than the hero.

Gratai Lin has what she believes wants from life: a fully-furnished cavern, a full staff of well-trained servants, and a secure vault to store her mythic–and only slightly stolen–reaping spear, the peerless Skybleeder. Ah, and a necromancer mustn’t forget a separate cave network to house her sprawling collection of the undead! Yes, Gratai has everything she wants, and no intentions of leaving it.

Or at least, this was the litany Gratai repeated each day until she received a surprising letter from the south, and promptly threw herself into preparing her lonely cavern for a party–one, it seems, her estranged mother will be attending.

Meanwhile, Divari Sidra, only heir to the insular kingdom of Tresamer, hurries to meet the necromancer with a warning fetched from the site of a massacre: one whose contents will pit both women against the most powerful force of mage-hunters ever assembled, and the last, cruelest tyrant of an ancient bloodline…”

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