For Newcomers to My Blog

Welcome, dear readers, to the home of the Northborn Sword! I fear that if you’ve an aversion to quaint phrases and writers sinking a little too deeply into their own personas, you may be in the wrong place. If, on the other hand, you don’t mind those things from time to time, then I hope we shall be very good friends.

As I’ve created this page some years into my little blog’s existence, it follows that what I write next shall only grow truer as the years march on: if you’re just joining us, you’ve likely missed a great deal! The pertinent information about me–and I am flattered to think you might be interested–you may find under the “About your Host” page. As for my blog, its purpose and its history? This is both a blog for writers and for readers, though by definition, you can only be a reader while you view it. I am, after all, the sole writer here.

For writers, I offer advice both essayistic and stream of consciousness, as the mood seizes me. For readers, I offer poetry, short stories, episodic stories–though I confess I’m not much good at keeping those running!–snippets from and insight into my novels, and if you’re of an especially incisive spirit, lore!

With all this in mind, I do encourage you to go scrolling through my past entries to see what might strike your fancy. I can vouch for the material at least as far back as 2019, but the truth is that with almost 200 posts as of this page’s creation and more to come, even I can’t remember everything I’ve posted. I also have a troublesome habit of going back and tweaking things after the fact–have a look around. You never know what surprising changes you might unearth!

Regardless whether you’re here for a single evening or decide to follow me as a lifelong reader, I do hope you enjoy your stay–the winter winds are cold, but less so for steady friends.