Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear: Table of Contents

Two ordinary people are swept up in the wake of an imposing, possibly crazed Inquisitor.

#1 — The Ansethi sailor Shayris fields obnoxious questions from a Firascan passenger and possible inadvertent racist, Filare.
#2–The Inquisitor introduces himself, and the ship’s destination is revealed.
#3 –Filare bridles at the Inquisitor’s behavior, but Shayris is more collected, and rightly so.
#4 –Once firmly into port, Filare insists on going off alone despite Shayris’ warnings. Shayris, meanwhile, seeks someone who might offer directions.
#5 –Shayris explores the bizarre port further, and meets the Inquisitor again.
#6 –The Inquisitor takes Shayris deeper into the construct, and she learns more of its nature.
#7 — Filare continues on his own path, and meets an improbably friendly woman.
#8 –Filare finds himself in a distinctly uncomfortable situation.
#9 –Left to herself, Shayris gets into deep water.
#10 –Shayris has a new life experience which she cannot recommend, and guesses the identity of the newcomer god.
#11 –The reader sees through Morkui Bano’s eyes for the first time while he follows his senses into the bowels of the construct for a pivotal confrontation.
#12 — Shayris heads into uncharted areas of the Sea-fort, and reaches a timely understanding with the newcomer god.
#13 — Morkui engages in a particularly high-stakes duel with an unpleasant discovery at its end.
#14 — The encounter’s survivors take stock and consider the future.