My Other Creative Writing

Firing my infuriatingly overworked material directly into your visual cortex!

—DATA CORRUPTED— – All the —DATA CORRUPTED— you can possibly stomach about —DATA CORRUPTED—

Non-Fiction – Crud, I can’t believe I’m writing non-fiction. Reality sucks! I mean, have you looked at it? I guess there might be some good writing advice here, too.

Canno  -You may have heard me mention I’m a fantasy novelist. Through this link, you’ll find my created world of Canno, and any material I’ve chosen to post about it. Warning: unexpected aliens and erratic magic.

The Twin Spirals Universe (AKA The McCurdiverse) — A page for all the broader or as-yet unsorted lore, short stories, artwork and random ephemera from my personal writer’s universe.

The Riven Dreams of a Crazed Web-Writer: I have dreams. I record those dreams. You experience my nightly journeys into madness through the magic of writing. Simple!