The Twin Spirals Mythos

A page for all the broader or as-yet unsorted lore, short stories, artwork and random ephemera from my ever-expanding body of lore.

Whispers of the Starkin: The Curator and the Coilgun — Desmond Firoux, Director of Project Precursor and SolFed Major-General, offers a curious sample from a defunct blog that appears to tell the future. What’s most revealing: which parts of its data have been corrupted by powers unknown.

Whispers of the Starkin: Two Parables –Director Firoux provides a strangely benign sample of the precursors’ culture–except that, as he reveals, even the words they speak do terrible things to lesser minds…

Whispers of the Starkin: Ruinous Words and Peculiar Customs –Director Firoux recounts a catastrophic setback, and further revelations about the precursors paid for in blood.

The Director’s Journal: Physical Entry #1 –The Director’s first entry in his archaic pen-and-paper journal reveals how far his mind has truly slipped behind his slickly-professional missives to Admiral Williks.
The Director’s Journal: Physical Entry #2 –Firoux recounts the disastrous end of Specialist Illowen’s ordeal, and receives news of a far deadlier incident at a Project facility on Io.

The Io Incident, #1 — Firoux strains to parse the newest disaster, and mysterious forces tamper with key parts of his message. Does he know?

Hot Snap — A short story centering on SolFed Sergeant Gavin Michel as he and his fellow cold-drop marines push deeper into the boonies of an alien world. Their enemies, ironically, are arguably more human than the marines themselves.