Tales From Canno: Sonderhau –Table of Contents

Author’s Note: “Sonderhau” in its original form, even ignoring significant flaws in its storytelling, was at best out of date and at worst heavily contradicted my current worldbuilding. I have temporarily unpublished it; after I finish both The Necromancer and the Revenant: Resurrected Edition and The Necromancer and the Reaping Spear, I will return to and heavily revise this little tale.

“Sonderhau” was originally posted as one cohesive block before I had an attack of sanity and realized that maybe, just maybe, eight and a half thousand words were a bit too much for the average person to get through on a lunch break. I’ve now subdivided it into rough “pages” for your convenience, which are as follows:

Page One: The legendary swordsman Tervud approaches his childhood home, Sifeir’s Run.
Page Two: Tervud considers the changes to his home, growing suspicious.
Page Three: Tervud finds an uncommonly elaborate dwelling in an unexpected place.
Page Four: Tervud meets a face from his past, but has no luck finding a person he was looking for.
Page Five: Tervud meets another living memory, and begins to understand what happened while he was away.
Page Six: Tervud rises in the middle of the night to miraculous things.
Page Seven: Tervud explores a new side of himself, but can’t escape the mistakes of his past.
Page Eight: Certain questions about Sifeir’s Run are answered, and Tervud goes on towards his purpose.
Page Nine: A pause for consideration before bloodshed.
Page Ten: It turns out that in order to have the capacity for evil, one must have the capacity for good.
Page Eleven: Storming the castle, Part 1
Page Twelve: Storming the castle, Part 2
Page Thirteen: Justice, Part 1
Page Fourteen: Justice, Part 2
Page Fifteen: The Beginning