Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear: Table of Contents

Author’s Note: “Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear,” though it contains fewer flaws than Sonderhau, nonetheless requires significant revisions to match the finalized worldbuilding and characters of the Necromancer’s Vengeance series. For this reason, I’ve returned each instalment to the vault for now; I will refurbish and rerelease them through these same links after publishing The Necromancer and the Reaping Spear. I’m so, so sorry if you only saw this explanation after following what appears to be a dead link to one of the episodes!

Two ordinary people are swept up in the wake of an imposing, possibly crazed Inquisitor.

#1 — The Ansethi sailor Shayris fields obnoxious questions from a Firascan passenger and possible inadvertent racist, Filare.
#2–The Inquisitor introduces himself, and the ship’s destination is revealed.
#3 –Filare bridles at the Inquisitor’s behavior, but Shayris is more collected, and rightly so.
#4 –Once firmly into port, Filare insists on going off alone despite Shayris’ warnings. Shayris, meanwhile, seeks someone who might offer directions.
#5 –Shayris explores the bizarre port further, and meets the Inquisitor again.
#6 –The Inquisitor takes Shayris deeper into the construct, and she learns more of its nature.
#7 — Filare continues on his own path, and meets an improbably friendly woman.
#8 –Filare finds himself in a distinctly uncomfortable situation.
#9 –Left to herself, Shayris gets into deep water.
#10 –Shayris has a new life experience which she cannot recommend, and guesses the identity of the newcomer god.
#11 –The reader sees through Morkui Bano’s eyes for the first time while he follows his senses into the bowels of the construct for a pivotal confrontation.
#12 — Shayris heads into uncharted areas of the Sea-fort, and reaches a timely understanding with the newcomer god.
#13 — Morkui engages in a particularly high-stakes duel with an unpleasant discovery at its end.
#14 — The encounter’s survivors take stock and consider the future.