NaNoWriMo: What Happened This Year?

Some of you may remember that I started out the month of November in fine form. I was posting lore articles on the daily, or making up the total word count on the next day when I didn’t. For a little while, I always had something more to offer. And then, at least for this […]

Why I Write Fantasy The Way I Do

Twitter recently brought a certain Ana Marie Cox’s article to my attention–that would be this one here. It was difficult for me to parse this, because many of the same factors that drove Ana back to conventional fantasy drove me away from it. How the hell does that work? Honestly, I’m pretty sure it’s a […]

In Retrospect, I Deserved to Be an Outcast

Before I begin, it’s worth noting that many on the Autism Spectrum never really learn to manage their symptoms. I have, and I honestly don’t know if it’s a blessing or a curse. I do know that it’s too late. There are certain windows in your life where new connections form opinions of you. Looking […]

The Youth, the Writer and the Warrior: A Parable

Three brothers lived long ago, in a forgotten age, in a land now lost. Their parents were well-to-do folk, but two of the brothers were born quarrelsome. The eldest insisted on having the last word in all things, and bored those around him with pointless, rambling stories. The middle brother was fierce-tempered and fearless to […]


–DATA EXPURGATED– –Transmission Incoming: Lambent Halcyon –Phasewhisper, um, acknowledges. I’m beginning to understand how it went so wrong. So much venom mixed in with the good. –Just so. You wonder, perhaps, whether your kindred benefit from the Prophet’s withdrawal? –Somewhat, yes. It’s inspiring, in a way, to see how much they evolved. But still… words […]

Salients of a Broken Mind: Psychiatric Hell

(For miserable background, you may want to read Part One first) Our media fetish for the Hells of brooding darkness and blood-soaked corridors makes us forget that there exists a special, sterile Hell, clean-swept and lifeless. I found its local incarnation around 4AM on July 26th, 2017. I knew, on some level, that I condemned […]

North Cheats Quotas: An Oddball Letter to My Parents

In spite of its target audience, this letter does not contain any information so personal that I don’t feel comfortable posting it online, unless my subconscious somehow included my bank account and all my unfinished novel drafts as a binary code while I wasn’t keeping tabs on it. Regardless, here’s a goofy letter I typed […]