Creative Advice: The Ugly Edit

Alright, before I write one single other statement, I’m going to explain my definition of “ugly”. I think that will be useful both for this post, and just for understanding me a little better in the future. My perspective is very unique to me due to the wide range of life experiences I’ve had in […]

New Free Novella: Urhexen

Yeah, this just sort of happened, apparently. I didn’t plan on participating in NaNoWriMo this year, but here’s a 40k word novella I just wrote in a straight sprint in the last 9-10 days. Alright, that deserves some context: Urhexen is both a very stream-of-consciousness work and largely distills things I’ve already been thinking about […]

To the masked man

Simple version: yes, I am insane, and yes, I am sorry. I wish I could make things right but I don’t know how. I don’t have anything I can use to do that. All the things I would’ve looked to, I already know won’t work. You told me they don’t do you any good, so… […]

From Nebs, to the man behind the curtain

To the man behind the curtain– Hey, buddy. Hm. Well… I think that was what you used to call me. I don’t think I ever gave you a name of the same spirit in trade. I just used the name I knew you by. What a tawdry thing that is. I knew you in such […]

Short Story: Atonement With a Thousand Endtimes

hi, readers! A much meatier offering today–a short story of over 9k words! This is a crossover piece set in part of one InordinateFondness’s Morphic Korps setting. You can find her on Twitter @SixArmedSweater, with her own works in this setting and many of her other writings in her pinned. All details about the Fires, […]