Art Galleries

Here you’ll find carefully selected LIES galleries of my assorted artwork. Most of these are weapons. I hope you enjoy them for at least a few minutes, since at the upper range they can take me over 50 hours.

A Most Immaculate Arming Sword – The sword of an Apprentice Inquisitor is revealed, long before the mage-hunter himself.

The Violet Torso-Cutter – The imposing weapon of a faithful retainer, crafted solely to split men in two.

The Blade of Dragon Woe – The flamboyant sword of a haughty bastard, designed for my cousin Eric’s high-fantasy adventure novel. While the book has undergone redrafting and a hiatus since, the sword remains canon.

Absolution – The intimidating war-knife (or Kriegsmesser, wenn mann so dawill) of Pelari Tur, First and Grand Inquisitor of the Sleepless Vigil.

The Rebootana  – An impromptu fan-art piece for Woolie Madden, of Super Best Friends fame.

Skybleeder – House Lin’s legendary relic spear, currently the largest melee weapon in all my writings.

The Wismeyer Longsword –A masterwork forged of purest sapphire-steel for a purpose as yet unrevealed.