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Welcome to my blog! You may wonder what poetic silliness “Northborn Sword” means. Quite simply, I’m a trans woman author trained in swordfighting; out of practice these days, I fear, yet trained nonetheless. But “swordswoman” is a syllable too long for punchiness and won’t fit in my Twitter handle. Thus, for branding purposes, it’s simply “Sword.”

Otherwise? I was born in the north. Less north than Canada or Greenland, but more north than the Equator and many of the things above it.  A little slim, I must own, yet it was north enough and I never turn up my nose at an easy slant-rhyme.

I must also confess that I think it sounds rather… well… cool.

I am always writing something, even when I probably ought to rest.

I was born at an undisclosed hour and location. This was certainly as part of a paranormal conspiracy to trap a powerful demon in a human body. This is certainly not as a hackneyed way for me to appear personal without giving away personal lore I would rather obscure from the Internet. Because, readers mine, this remains the Internet.

Good friends have accused me of being, and I quote, “a total dork”. I wear this badge with pride while sinking far too deeply into tabletop roleplaying games. Yes, dear reader, I am one of those. Otherwise, when I’m not shirking my duties as a working adult, one might hope I should be asleep! Yet, slumber and I remain uneasy bedfellows.

That sorcery many people invoke when they lie down and fall asleep in minutes? I confess myself endlessly jealous of it!

My favorite meal? I fear I can never decide between pan-fried lake perch and jaegerschnitzel. I have some fondness for most genres of music, but classical and metal shall ever resonate most deeply within my dark heart.

If you’d like to know where else I’m active, you can find my Twitter feed full of musings, acerbic remarks and lore/flash-fiction surges at Northborn Sword🔞 (@Northborn_Sword) / Twitter. Be aware that I do retweet porn, erotica, and politics there.
I also stream gaming sometimes on Twitch at Northborn_Sword – Twitch. Banter is as lewd as I can get away with under the Twitch ToS. Expect many a pause to unpack story points!

If you need to reach me for professional purposes, please review my Contact Information page.

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