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Welcome, dear readers, to the home of the Northborn Sword! I fear that if you’ve an aversion to quaint phrases and writers sinking a little too deeply into their own personas, you may be in the wrong place. If, on the other hand, you don’t mind those things from time to time, then I hope we shall be very good friends.

What I write next shall only grow truer as the years march on: if you’re just joining us, you’ve likely missed a great deal! The publicly-safe information about me–and I am flattered to think you might be interested–you may find later down on this very page. As for my blog, its purpose and its history? This is both a blog for writers and for readers, though by definition, you can only be a reader while you view it. I am, after all, the sole writer here.

For writers, I offer advice both essayistic and stream of consciousness, as the mood seizes me. For readers, I offer poetry, short stories, episodic stories, snippets from and insight into my novels as well as a few freebies to ground you in my body of work and whet your appetite. Oh, and if you’re of an especially incisive spirit? Lore!

With all this in mind, I do encourage you to go scrolling through my past entries to see what might strike your fancy. I can vouch for the material at least as far back as 2019, but the truth is that with 241 posts as of this page’s last update (December 7, 2021) and more to come, even I can’t remember everything I’ve posted. I also have a most tricksome habit of going back and tweaking things after the fact–have a look around. You never know what surprising changes you might unearth!

Regardless whether you’re here for a single evening or decide to follow me as a lifelong reader, I do hope you enjoy your stay–the winter winds are cold, but less so for steady friends.

You may wonder what poetic silliness “Northborn Sword” means. Quite simply, I’m woman trained in swordfighting; somewhat out of practice these days, I fear, yet trained nonetheless. But “swordswoman” is a syllable too long for punchiness and won’t fit in my Twitter handle. Thus, for branding purposes, it’s simply “Sword.”

Otherwise? I was born in the north. Less north than Canada or Greenland, but more north than the Equator and many of the things above it.  A little slim, I must own, yet it was north enough and I never turn up my nose at an easy slant-rhyme.

I must also confess that I think it sounds rather… well… cool.

I am always writing something, even when I probably ought to rest.

I was born at an undisclosed hour and location. This was certainly as part of a paranormal conspiracy to trap a powerful demon in a human body. This is certainly not as a hackneyed way for me to appear personal without giving away personal lore I would rather obscure from the Internet. Because, readers mine, this remains the internet.

Since you’ve gotten this far, I suppose I should be frank: conspiracy or no, I do believe that I’m a succubus dwelling in human form. I know there’s a great deal of misinformation about “my kind”–though succubi, as with mortals, are far too varied for lumping us into one demographic to make any real sense–so I don’t blame you if that brings up complex emotions. For me? I’m a horny girl who wants the best for everyone. I like kisses and candy and trying my best to help. Please believe that.

I specifically class myself as an outer devil, or outer succubus. I am a blend of constant, mind-melting affection and lust, and constant hankering for the most forbidden knowledge of the cosmos unfathomed. Yes, that means tentacle stuff. I’d bone Cthulhu but I’m worried the poor boy’s mind might not be able to take it. It also includes some much more, um… esoteric fetishes. You’re probably happier not knowing about those. No matter what, consent is key!

Good friends have accused me of being, and I quote, “a total dork”. I wear this badge with pride. A ditz in the streets and a genius in the sheets, if you will. Otherwise, when I’m not shirking my duties as a working adult, one might hope I should be asleep! Yet, slumber and I remain uneasy bedfellows.

That sorcery many people invoke when they lie down and fall asleep in minutes? I confess myself endlessly jealous of it!

My favorite meal? I fear I can never decide between pan-fried lake perch and jaegerschnitzel. I have some fondness for most genres of music, but classical and metal shall ever resonate most deeply within my dark heart. Bury the Light is my favorite song of all time. Ask me about my ridiculous Devil May Cry headcanon sometime! No, really, it’s one of best, dumbest things I’ve ever come up with.

If you’d like to know where else I’m active, you can find me on Twitter at two public accounts:
Dark Empress Mechanism (@DarkEmpMech): my SFW account. Strong occult and supernatural theming. Its earliest posts make reference to my past experiments with understanding myself through plurality. I’m a singular being, no headmates here, so now the different names just indicate that I’m putting more emphasis on myself in a particular mode or guise. This is the one I update most often, and where I’ll advertise most of my for-profit writing.

Threshold-Maiden Ermina (@2ManyMinas):NSFW account dedicated to my particular guise as one Ermina von Schebel. I tend to drift in and out of character a lot on this one. Part of the fun for me is having a space to be intentionally bad at performing/playing to my own rules. It is, after all, a lewd account, and the last thing I want to do when I’m being horny is worry about appearing polished.

Unless you’re paying me. If you’re paying me then I might make an effort. Like… a half of one.

I do have a secret protected account where I’ll just throw out my horrifying, otherworldly demon-witch insights. Many of these ideas are actually dangerous to the unwary, untutored, or simply unwilling, so that’s why I was forced to put my once-most-followed account out of the public eye. Responsible outer devils have to learn how to self-contain, I’m afraid. Still working on it!

I also stream gaming on Twitch, though only occasionally, at Northborn_Sword – Twitch. Banter is as lewd as I can get away with under the Twitch ToS. Expect many a pause to unpack story points! These days I more often appear as a guest or co-host on a friend’s streams. Charles, Ethel, and Lyla are three of my favorite people, so please follow them if you’re looking for new streamers to support!

If you need to reach me for professional purposes, please review a word about getting in touch.

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