A Word About Getting in Touch

I tend to be pretty cagey about how I make contact these days, as well as how I let others do so. If I’m streaming, as I sometimes do on Twitch, that’s an excellent time and place to say hi. You can most often find me on Twitter: as Dark Empress Mechanism (@DarkEmpMech) if you’d rather commune with me through occult vibes and lore, or as Threshold-Maiden Ermina (@2ManyMinas) if you’d find a raunchy porn-RTing account easier to get to know.

I do ask that you please interact with me a bit in appropriate places–replying to my flashfiction, chatting to the other members of my following. Let me see who you are and that you’re acting in good faith before trying to reach me in DMs. If you reach out to me unsolicited for any reason, I may block you at the first perceived red flag.

Once I know you and I know you have an earnest interest in me, my work, or both, we can talk about more direct ways of talking.