Regarding Canno: The Ton-Ga Knifestail

The Ton naturalist Jihao often said, “When death visits the Bogs, she stalks legless.” He spoke, of course, of the Knifestail. While there are five regional species and dozens of sub-species, the classic (and largest) Knifestail is native to the northern Ton-Ga bogs. They’re especially dense in the territory of Houses Lin and Sairo. Extraordinarily […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #2

(Last Entry Here)  (Table of Contents) “If you would like to know about a man, the simplest start is to ask,” the Inquisitor said without turning. His voice was whispered yet louder than thunder, emerging all around Shayris without a single echo. The air tore with a thwupping boom, the Happenstance rocked and creaked beneath them, and instantly […]

Dark Helm and Wing’d Spear, #1

(Table of Contents) A wide-bellied merchantman of pale red and stark blue-black wood lumbered towards a gale it never reached. The dark clouds parted a hundred meters ahead and flowed to either side, gale and wild surf spreading out behind the ship like a vast second wake. It was just Shayris’ luck that on a […]

Art Gallery: The Rebootana

And here it is: the product of a moment’s mad inspiration and dozens of hours of modeling, texturing, and artistic suffering: the Rebootana. Which is actually an odachi. Enough of my nonsense pedantry, though! I hope you enjoy this 360 art gallery of obscenely high-resolution sword renders. The blade in particular is by far the most […]

Idle Musings: Strangely Approachable Alien Overlords

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my periodic Whispers of the Starkin posts. I mean, entirely too much fun. There’s something deeply compelling for me about the idea of a vastly powerful alien species which, erm… actually functioned as a vastly powerful alien species. Considering this, it strikes me as deeply silly that […]