Regarding Canno: Cannoan Magic

All sapient beings on Canno, and many items sapience once touched, have some link to magic. In its pure form, magic is an energy which does nothing yet has the potential to work wonders. Even though most cannot consciously direct magic or manipulate its Current the way mages can, all living beings direct it in […]

Regarding Canno: The Ton People

The Ton are a human ethnic group originating in the fertile wetlands filling Taifen’s narrow middle, located directly on Canno’s equator. During prehistory they lived as fishermen and hunter-gatherers in the Ton-Ga Bogs. The abundant plant and wildlife ensured that they had no need for agriculture–not to mention making it downright dangerous!–and the early Ton […]

Regarding Canno: The Loar War

(The previous entry, concerning Canno’s geography and pre-Loar history, is┬áHere) They plummeted in columnar fire to close the Age of Splendor. The Gaunt Ones: strained beings of eight foot stature, bearing weapons and armor unlike anything known on Canno. Their limbs were long, their bodies stark white exoskeletons beneath hard-angle armor of unearthly metals. They […]

Regarding Canno: Canno and the Age of Splendor

Canno is an old, tottering world, its people haunted by past glories, afraid to look to the future where they might see the return of past terrors. Its myriad peoples include the two-legged Ilbaret, dignified apes gone fully upright with their elaborate tribal-painted fur and bright robes, and humans, who of all living beings tend […]

Salients of a Broken Mind: Psychiatric Hell

(For miserable background, you may want to read Part One first) Our media fetish for the Hells of brooding darkness and blood-soaked corridors makes us forget that there exists a special, sterile Hell, clean-swept and lifeless. I found its local incarnation around 4AM on July 26th, 2017. I knew, on some level, that I condemned […]